This page serves as a roster for the fleet of the Antilles Squadron. 

Red SquadronEdit

Commander: Admiral John Collingwood

H.M.S. VictoryEdit

"Victory" Class 1st Rate Ship of the Line Flagship

Captain : Admiral John Collingwood

850 Crew

112 Cannons 

4538 Sail Integrity points ( Class A )

4125 Structural Integrity points ( Class A )

H.M.S. Venture PrizeEdit

"Concorde" Class Frigate

Captain : Mark Ironskull

190 Crew

58 Cannons

3090 Sail Integrity points ( Class B )

2570 Structural Integrity points ( Class C )

H.M.S. Dark ConquerorEdit

"Sovereign" Class First Rate Ship of the Line

Captain : Bartholomew Swordfury

870 Crew

112 Guns

Unknown Sail Integrity

Unknown Structure Integrity