Welcome to the Antilles Squadron Handbook! Here you will find open sea tactics, command keys, and a list of ranks.

A foreword by the Squadron CommanderEdit

Welcome to the Antilles Squadron. Here, you will find supportive crewmates in our ranks alongside you. These men and women are your line of defense against all odds, and you are expected to return the favor. You won't regret it.

~John Collingwood

Chapter I - Command KeysEdit

Land orders Edit

To the boats! - Launch your ship, but do not move once on the open sea.

Line Formation - Line up abrest to the people on your right and left flank.

Orders at seaEdit

Set Sail - Northbound, Southbound, Westbound, or Eastbound will be added after that, and will determine what direction you sail for.

Line Formation - Prepare a line of battle. Line up bow to stern. 

Make for port! - Run for the nearest port as soon as possible. This will only be used should the enemy bring backup.

Make for ( Port Name ) - Head towards the port of that name and dock there.

Prepare to Attack - Have target sighted, and be ready to join in the battle

(Name), tag our target - Create an open sea battle with a NPC or player. 

Chapter II - Chain of CommandEdit

NOTE: Please note that these criteria can change under approval from the Squadron Commander and his staff if a majority vote is reached.

  • OF-8 - Squadron Commander/High Admiral - Only 3 people may hold the OF-8 rank at any given time. Promotion to this rank must be recommended by the Squadron Commander or the departing High Admiral. Candidates for High Admiral must already have experience at grade OF-5 and above, be Level 50, and be able to head up a port battle. These three people, as well as two admirals who are randomly selected by the OF-8 Officers are part of the Squadron Council (Chapter 3) 
  • OF-7 - Admiral - Rank achieved after 30 days of service as a Vice Admiral
  • OF-6 - Vice Admiral - Rank achieved after 30 days of service as a Rear Admiral
  • OF-5 - Rear Admiral (Includes I, II, and III) - Rank achieved after completing the Rear Admiral PVP examination, or after 60 days of faithful service after becomming a Captain, whichever comes first. There are no differences between ranks I, II, and III, other than that is your assigned battle group. 
  • OF-4 - Commodore - Rank instated to captains leading a group of ships before reaching the rank of Rear Admiral
  • OF-3 - Captain - Rank given after Level 40.
  • OF-2 - Lt. Commander - Rank given at Level 30.
  • OF-1 - Lieutenant - Rank given after Level 25, no matter on length of service.
  • E-5- Ensign - Given after a full month of faithful service.
  • E-4 - Midshipman, Grade 2 - 3 weeks of faithful service
  • E-3 - Midshipman, Grade 1 - 2 weeks of faithful service
  • E-2 - Seaman - 1 week of faithful service
  • E-1 - Naval Cadet - Basic training. Each cadet must complete a training fleet mission as well as an avatar combat mission before the timers on promotion may start. 

Chapter III - Squadron CouncilEdit

The Squadron Council is made up of the two High Admirals and two randomly selected admirals that are selected each month. The Council makes all major descisions within the squadron unless overided by the Squadron Commander, who, in any case may also break a tie, or veto any descision by the council. Below you will see the sections of the council's powers.

Section I - Court MartiallingEdit

In any case, all men of the Antilles Squadron are expected to act decently and follow the rules of engagement. However, sometimes, that isn't always the case. Anyone may write up a subordinate, equally ranked, or higher ranked officer, however, the complaintant must start a discussion on the forms of the Antilles Squadron wiki, and have screenshots of the supposed offense. Afterwards, the council will meet and discuss the evidence and make a descision. After the descision is made and the defendant is judged guilty, he or she will be faced with anything from demotion to a lower rank to dishonourable discharge.

Section II - Promotion requests before due promotion date.Edit

Any member of the Squadron Council may suggest an early promotion for any member with a valid reason, however, all members must be uninanimously for said person's promotion before the Squadron Commander will take action, unless otherwise decided by the Squadron Commander, no matter if the council has made a descision.

Section III - Foriegn Port Invasions/Port GovernorshipsEdit

Anyone with the rank of Captain and above may cause unrest for an invasion but to request complete squadron backup outside of volunteers, they must go before a member of the council in order to request assistance from the rest of the squadron. Squadron members looking to become a governor may do so if they have influence beforehand without the consent of the council, but any candidates for new governors seeking influence from the Squadron must have the backing of the council.